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Australian Soaps and 70s Bands
Friday 12th May 2017
With The Boys facing an Australian Soap weekend and me not being there with them I thought perhaps it would be good to jot down some inane ramblings for you all to butcher.
I can already here you asking, “why are you not going to be there?”

Simples, you can’t be in two places at once and you have to juggle the propensity of the situation and gauge where the priorities lie.

As you know before I was invited in to the fold, or is that coerced?, by a combination of Steve, George and Alan I was, and still am, heavily involved in that Newcastle rarity, a successful professional sports team!

Yes, I have Press Officer responsibilities as well as Team Assistant duties for the “Fabulous” Newcastle Eagles Basketball Club otherwise known as my “winter” sports role. The last of my “winter” job comes this Sunday as I travel with the team down to London for The Play-Off Final at The O2 London.

Once this game is played and hopefully won by The Eagles, which would be a 25th National Trophy in 12 years, then my “winter” yearnings will be complete and I can concentrate full-time on my “summer” love.

But, obviously, you’re not interested in that. You’re also probably not interested in my Speedway ramblings either but hey-ho let’s go as one of my favourite 70’s bands used to say.

I have to start with Danny. What a terrible shame this is. To lose such an integral part of the team to such a bad injury(ies) is a real blow to us all and mainly from a personal point of view to us all. Danny’s a great kid and a real whole-hearted trier that has been steadily improving.

For him to get such season-ending and career-threatening injuries at such a young age does not seem fair as well as stopping the progress he was making. He has great support around him and a really positive mind set of his own so we can all hope he’ll make a full and speedy recovery.

We’ll miss not having him around and look forward to getting him back to Brough as soon as he’s able. Our sincere best wishes and thoughts are with Danny, his GF Keeley and all his family. Get Well Soon Kong we’re with you!

The nature of the beast and our beloved sport is that one man’s misfortune is another’s fortune. Step forward Ben Hopwood. A real racer and one with a great attitude and appetite for the sport.

We know he’ll give it 100%+ for The Diamonds and I’m sure you’ll all make him feel very welcome when he makes his debut on Sunday.

One of the most intriguing things about this signing is what nickname The Ranting One will come up with?

I’ve heard he sometimes gets “Pieman” although I know not why and the obvious one of “Hoppy”. That seems appropriate saying as he also rides for Kent! He hails from Eccles so “Cake” may well come in to the equation too? Whatever it is we wish him well in Diamonds colours.

Next up it’s The British Semi-Final. I’ve done a fascinating and interesting interview with Stevie Worrall some of which will be in this week’s Matchday Magazine in my “Spotlight” feature.

But Stevie is nothing if not thorough and gave me so much more in that interview that I’m going to publish it in full on the website after Sunday. His thoughts on that Semi-Final and the Final are very interesting indeed.

For me, it was great to see such a prestigious meeting at Brough and it was great to see so much top British talent battling it out.

A real shame that Robert didn’t make it and a huge disappointment not only to those attending but Robert himself obviously as he now misses out on the chance to be British Champion. But he’s young and will no doubt have his day in the future.

Have to say though he certainly upset my predictions for the qualifiers although I still did pretty well getting six out of eight with only Bionic Ben joining Ruthless in not making it through from my picks and he was close!

It was great to see Lewis make it as well as Stevie and after the way he rode in the Semi-Final he’s not just going to Belle Vue to make the numbers up either.

I’m hoping to be there at Belle Vue for that Final and it would be great to see a lot of Diamond support for our two there as well.

What else then? Not much really and probably just as well as I’ve rambled enough. But I do want to give a shout out to Ludde.

Not the best of starts for him in Sweden with Indianerna but at least he’s getting more racing in and that’s going to be a bonus for him and the team going forward.

So, I’ll end here and hope that come Monday morning I can bask in the glory of another successful North East sporting weekend and for once one that is not dominated by those purveyors of that kick-ball game.
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