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Back To Reality
Sunday 9th July 2017
Diamonds Top Two return to the fold after week away with Team GB.
There's no doubting that Stevie and Robert have furthered their careers and raised their profiles after a week riding and being involved with Team GB. They may not have go the result they wanted but the experience will have stored them in good stead and be firmly entrenched in their memory banks.

That race in The Final where Stevie mixed it up with the big boys for four whole laps will live long in my memory never mind "Supa's" and without doubt is the greatest last place I've even seen achieved.

But as the title of my last rambling says, it's back to reality today and the bread and butter of ensuring that we can at least keep our faint play-off hopes alive with a win against an Ipswich side that has certainly got it together this season.

Earlier in the season I was fortunate to interview Danny King and he made great store out of the impressive way his less experience team-mates have listened and learnt from their experiences this season.

So, despite us beating them comfortably at Brough earlier in the season there'sno doubting that this current clash is going to be tough and one that is probably settled in the middle of the order.

King and Schlein will go well, Stevie and Robert will at the very least match them. The Witches may, and I say MAY, have the edge at reserve but our fortunes tonight rest on the shoulders of Ludde, Lewis and Ash.

They have to shake their away form out of their minds and get back to doing what they do best and that's flying around Newcastle picking up big points. It's no good us repeating ourselves about our away form. It isn't good enough but que sera sera!

We ALL know the guys never give less than 100% and that's all of them but it's also fair to say that we haven't been good enough away from home and that's a shame and a disappointment. What we can do though is get behind the guys at home and at least bring some home comforts.

We also welcome Alfie in to the ranks today. There will be some of you who saw him at Scunthorpe on Friday and a lot of you were impressed by his efforts for Berwick last week. So were The Promotion and hence him being a Diamond now.

It's a tough home baptism but one he deserves and we wish him well. So, the excitement of The World Cup is over, we thank the guests that served us so well BUT it's nice to see a full Diamonds roster together and let's see if we can put The Witches to the ducking stoll tonight!
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