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Another Day Another Unsuccessful Away Trip
Monday 7th August 2017
Sometimes a blog can be difficult to write particularly if you’re expressing an opinion that may be controversial or not universally liked.
Probably just as well then that virtually no-one reads my inane ramblings.

I say this and recant my thoughts knowing that my second season hasn’t been as active as I would have liked it and I haven’t been able to get away from home as much as I would have liked. Now is that two-fold I wonder?

Clearly our away form hasn’t been good enough and that has contributed to us not having the season we would have liked. At the moment it looks, weather permitting, that we might even be out of 2017 earlier than we would normally be as well.

That has led to many a keyboard warrior typing out their disappointments, criticisms and suggestions. I offer up this in response. There were many back last November expressing concern at the brave decision George and Alan had made with the team.

But, I did not hear many of those expressing concern also expressing disagreement, discord or dismay at the decisions. Yes, a few were in the “wait and see” camp and some even claim to be in the “told you so” camp. But not me.

I thought it was a brave decision and one I fully expected to give us more success than it did. Probably proves that you never stop learning no matter how long you’ve been at something or no matter how much you think you know.

Clearly though the “reserve decision” has not worked but then again Danny’s injury came at a time when he was looking like making a breakthrough and poor Connor was a gamble that just didn’t come off which was sad for both parties.

Then of course there was Lewis. Another unfortunate and premature ending to another season where he was once again making progress. You have to feel for Rosey as to how unfortunate the circumstances surrounding his injury were and the subsequent resulting time out again.

Not that having Robbo back is a bad thing but, changes can be just as disruptive as they can be helpful. We can only ask the lads to give of their best and hopefully bring more enjoyment and entertainment before 2017 is done.

Peterborough yesterday was another disappointment and another of those “what if” moments. No disrespect to Ash who always gives 100%+ but if Robert had been there I’ve no doubt we’d have qualified for the next stage and then who knows what would have happened.

Stevie and Robert have been superb for us this season and for their Premier Clubs and GB too. Perhaps at times it’s been too much for them to carry and their schedules have been unreal at times. But they are both wonderful ambassadors for the sport and it’s a privilege to have them as Diamonds.

Quite how Robert has been able to get on a bike these last few weeks let alone ride like he does is a modern-day miracle. He has been here there and everywhere in the last few weeks and one that carries a huge burden of weight and responsibility for one so young.

Ok, then onwards and upwards and perhaps I haven’t been as controversial or upsetting as I intended when I set off typing but that’s because I’ve typed enough for now. What I was going to go and discuss was Lawrence’s excellent Facebook post from this morning.

He said so many worthy, correct and thought-provoking things and I’ve suddenly decided that perhaps that’s worth a blog on its own?
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