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Just The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts
Wednesday 11th October 2017
My title is a musing one. Is it a fact that Sgt Joe Friday said this in Dragnet or is it a rumour/myth and why is it important?
It is in fact a myth. An oft quoted quote that was never uttered, a bit like "Play it again, Sam" which Humphrey Bogart never uttered in Casablanca but is famous for!

So, what's this drivel all about then? Simples. Rumours are rumours that grow and grow and never seem to let the facts get in the way of them. Facts are facts and are undeniable and quash rumours dead.

Unfortunately facts are also truths and sometimes hard to swallow for some and also have to have their moment for authenticity, publishing and effect. Still, you're wondering what I'm drivelling on about.

Okay, it's like this. In the last few weeks rumours of one kind or another have surfaced connected with Newcastle Speedway, some of it's riders, some of it's sponsors and some of it's officials and owners BUT that's all they are ................. rumours.

The facts are known by those that need to know and need to weigh them up. I'm not one of them and I'm also not one for starting rumours because I don't know what the facts are. But, and I'm wrong to do this at times, I do comment my purely personal opinions on them if they are fired in my direction.

And that as they say is that as far as I'm concerned and I will say no more on the matter other than to sound off like this. If you don't know something is true then best perhaps to say nothing until you know the facts.

Okay, so looking back over the weekend, the facts are this. We so nearly had a sensationally spectacular weekend. We were great at Glasgow on Friday and we came away with a very good result that gave us a lot of hope.

We went oh-so close in what many had dubbed a meaningless meeting at Workington on Saturday and again the facts are that everyone in a Diamonds race suit or jacket gave it their best and we nearly got a great win.

Sunday at The Pairs was disappointing. Not for the efforts of Robbo and Ludde who definitely did their best but more so because of an injury and a ludicrous ruling we were denied our top two at the event.

And yes, Monday was in the end very disappointing after another cracking night's Speedway. The fact is that it was not the Promotion's fault that Robert was not in the line-up and it wasn't Ricky's fault he's not Robert.

I attach no blame to Robert either. It was unfortunate that he wasn't there and he made have made a difference but again that's conjecture and hindsight has and always been a wonderful thing.

We congratulate Glasgow on their win and wonder what might have been as we seem to have done a lot this season. It seems it's so often been so near and yet so far.

What of the remainder of the season. Three meaningless fixtures I've been told? Well, the chance to lower the colours of The Champions, a matter of local pride and the chance to avenge an earlier home defeat does not sound meaningless to me.

My suggestion to anyone reading or still awake by this line is simple. Speedway is a fabulous sport to watch and always will be no matter who is on track. The Newcastle Diamonds Speedway promotion does a way more difficult job than you would believe very well indeed.

All I can finish off by saying is, don't make them meaningless or irrelevant, get behind your Club and Sport and let's all see if we can make a difference and end the season on the right note.
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