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We Ride !
Tuesday 19th December 2017
So, we run! What fabulous news to get just before Christmas and it means that I can blog again!
Perhaps that’s not such good news! I did a couple of times prepare blogs to publish but in truth they would have only being stating facts that you all already knew so there wasn’t much point.

But I’ll bet you were frustrated watching other teams name their riders whilst we awaited the official confirmation that The Diamonds will run in 2018. Yes, of course you were and now, no doubt, you are also full of wonder and speculation as to who will don The Black & White next year?

Imagine how I felt then being part of the Press Team and awaiting confirmation that we can go-live with the announcement!!! But it was what it was. The work that went on behind the scenes was plentiful, complicated and had to be kept under wraps till it was confirmed.

It had to be. Negotiations were delicate, and all had to be agreed and confirmed before the decision could be made live. Yes, it was frustrating and yes, I’m sure you were all more than a little worried at times, but you had to be patient and goodness you were!

However, now we know, and we also know it’s the news we wanted, hoped for and finally got. Now, those rumours can be put to bed and we can all start having speculative fun as we all try to “Name That Team.”

So, this brings me to my thoughts and no, I’m not going to speculate but I will go back to something I like, the facts.

Stevie Worrall is no longer a Diamond. This is not a huge shock but is a damn shame. Fact is Stevie had a fantastic year last year particularly on the international front and with Scunthorpe being the closest track to his home and running on a Friday it makes logical sense.

Stevie was a brilliant servant for The Diamonds but, all good things come to an end. Whichever Premiership side he signs for they will run Monday/Wednesday and The Scorpions on a Friday. So, his weekends will largely be free and his intentions to push on means that internationally that will help.

The next fact is an intriguing one. Robert Lambert has not, signed for any English Club as of this moment. It seems he may even not be riding in this country? His statement doesn’t quite confirm it and Kings Lynn are trying their best but at this moment in time he’s still an available rider that could go anywhere BUT
99.999999999999999999999999999999% not Newcastle.

I also believe that the following are still without Championship rides. Ashley Morris, Stuart Robson, Lewis Rose, Matej Kus, Ludvig Lindgren, Alfie Bowtell and Ben Hopwood. Another fact. Now if you turn that fact in to a rumour that’s your decision and certainly not mine.

Yes, Matej and Lewis have reportedly signed to Polish squads but that’s the fact, squads not teams and not teams that run on a Sunday. Now that’s an interesting one.

Fact is, we need to be patient and we need to trust George and the rest of the promotion that they’ll get as good as we can.

It may be slightly hamstrung by budgets and they may need to be sensible. The statement hinted at that and therefore we must be supportive of their efforts and be thankful that we’re running. We know they know enough about things to make us competitive and that’s a fact.

What can we do now? Well, the first thing I would say is be positive and make sure our outlook goes forward and not backwards. We are running, that’s a fact and a positive one at that.

Then we must be supportive in whatever way, shape or form that takes. Whether you’re a volunteer helping out behind the scenes, a massively important paying customer or just someone with a genuine interest.

The promoters have made their move, they have laid down their foundation. Now it is up to the rest of us to make sure we help show them that their work wasn’t in vain and that they’ve made the right decision. Let’s all get behind the 2018 Diamonds and show we care.
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