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Good Days and Planning Days
Saturday 27th January 2018
It’s certainly been an interesting few days in the life of the Newcastle Diamonds and it must be said pretty good days at that.
It’s always great to see The Diamonds featured on local TV, yes, I know, it should be more often, but we also know football is king in the Land of the Geordie. As I often say when NUFC are going well they get loads of coverage, when they’re doing badly they get more!

That said, I thought the race action looked really good, it was a short but sweet presentation showing us in a very positive light and “Wor” Martin came across really well as someone that is really committed and understands the legacy and what The Diamonds are all about.

Moving on we announced the signing of Captain Lightning for 2018 and it’s great to see him back for what will be his seventh season as a Diamond. I have the good fortune of being able to interview Ludde from time to time and he’s always great to listen too.

What always comes across is his whole-hearted and genuine commitment to The Club and how he’s desperate for it to have some success. He loves the way he’s been adopted as a Geordie and cares so much about giving 100% for the cause.

He’ll stand up and be interviewed if we lose as a true Captain should and never hides away from admitting his own poor performances if they happen. I’m sorry but I don’t get why some fans didn’t want him back as he rides Brough great and as I say is as committed a Diamond as you’ll find.

Perhaps with a new promotion, a different feel around The Club and a consolidating future ahead it’ll give Ludde that additional spark to perform at his best and show everyone what he brings to The Diamonds on and off track.

At this stage I want to thank and praise Alan Hedley and his family for the great work and support they gave for and too The Club. They were real Diamonds from the start of their commitment to now and believe you me even though they won’t be around as much as they were they remain firm Diamonds and Speedway fans.

The Club owes them a lot and it’s right to thank them for their efforts, particularly Alan who helped play a big part in bringing Martin in and even though he’s no longer a promoter, those behind the scenes know he’s still as hopeful as anyone that we continue as a Club.

Then we had the fixture list released. I always think that no matter what sport and Club/Team you follow, fixture day is a special day as it’s the confirmation you need to know what you’re going to be doing with your sporting life following your time.

As one of our life-long supporters and pits helpers said on Social Media this week, get your diaries out, check those dates and get them noted as know we know were we’re going to be and when.

I also think seeing the fixtures in print is even more poignant this time for all at Newcastle Diamonds Speedway especially those behind the scenes. After all the uncertainty and work done, it’s special to see those dates inked in and being able to make plans.

Speaking of plans, we still have four spaces to fill in the team and we all know that you want to know who will fill them as soon as possible. We want to tell you as well even if we’re going to have to tease you a bit before we unveil.

There’s still plenty of work to do to ink the contracts and confirm those that have signed them but again and at the risk of repeating myself, hard work is going on behind the scenes to confirm the line-up and as soon as we can tell you, we will!

Two faces we will be seeing at Brough next season which I think many were hoping would be in the Diamonds race colours were Matej Kus and Alfie Bowtell. Both would have, I believe, popular signings should we have brought them back.

As you’ll have seen Matej has signed for our nearest and dearest just down the road and I have to say whilst it’s great to see him back in England and securing a Club, I personally wish it had been with The Diamonds.

However, it was not to be and we all wish him every success this season except when he comes up against The Diamonds although it will be great to see him blasting around Brough this season again.

Alfie has been granted a Championship berth with his contracted club Lakeside. Not something that originally, he was going to be but with rules changing recently, The Hammers had to make some changes and therefore Alfie was called up to their Championship side for this season.

Like Matej, it means we will get to see him at Brough this season, hopefully, and for his career it will be interesting to see how much of last years’ experience helps him this season. Certainly, he’ll know the tracks and he’ll know the league and that must be good for him.

Once again, we wish him well except for when he comes up against The Diamonds!
So, that’s it for now. As the title says, “Good Days” and more planning days to come. It’s never boring in Diamond Land and it’s always exciting to await new news and developments as they come in.

All I can say is keep your eyes and ears open and support all our various media outlets as the race towards the start of the 2018 season gets shorter and shorter.
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