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Its Full Steam Ahead As Things Boil Up !
Tuesday 13th February 2018
I’ll tell you what, it’s certainly not boring or quiet behind the scenes in the “boiler” room of The Diamonds Management at the moment!
As always, we can’t always bring you all the news and developments that are going on, but things are certainly heating up as we race towards the start of the season and the Tyne-Tweed Trophy against those Bandits from Berwick.

Just tonight I had the absolute pleasure of talking with El Supremo, Martin Phillips from his base in the Isle of Wight. No, don’t worry Diamonds fans he hasn’t run away after finding out what it takes to be a Promoter of Newcastle Diamonds.

He’s actually down there with good friend Ged Rathbone at the invitation of Neil Vatcher as Ex-Diamond and Martin’s son, “Kong” Danny Phillips was invited to the Young Lions training camp.

Word from Martin that after sterling efforts from The Islanders track staff in shifting gallons and gallons of water of the track, the Young Lions including Danny were able to get some laps in today. In Danny’s case the first since his season-ending injury last May.

Martin tells me that Danny went well considering it was the first time he’d been on the bike since last May and his “boy” was well pleased with his efforts. Great news indeed as we all hope Danny makes a full recovery and can get his career back on track this season.

But more importantly, it was the first time I’ve had a chance to catch-up with Martin who tells me he’s on a steep learning curve and has hardly had time to catch his breath since agreeing to come on board with The Diamonds.

He certainly impressed me with his thoughts, ideas and commitment to the 2018 venture and I can tell you his enthusiasm for the task and season ahead came through loud and clear. He’s in this for the long-haul from what he told me, and it was refreshing and great to hear.

One thing he was really enthusiastic about, actually he was very enthusiastic about everything if truth be told, was the coming on board of John Taylor and Boiler Technical Solutions. We are now the Newcastle BTS Diamonds and hence forth will be known as!

Martin said that John, and his mam Anne, certainly shared his vision for The BTS Diamonds in 2018 and beyond. It’s a testament to the work that the likes of George English, Steve Brock and Martin himself have put in over the winter that we’ve been able to secure such a great and committed sponsor.

John and his family have a long-standing relationship with The Club both as supporters and sponsors and we’re now honoured that he feels in a position to step up his interest in The Club and become the new main sponsor. So, Newcastle BTS Diamonds it is.

What else can I tell you?

Well, Tero and Carl are back! But then if you’ve been keeping up which I’m sure you have, you’ll already know that. So, what of the Fab Five so far? We’ve certainly got some racers this year and I reckon it’s going to be entertaining this season that’s for sure.

As for the remaining two?

Well Martin and George who and what they want and are actively pursuing those deals as I type and even as you read these words. Rest assured that they will not be resting, and their hopes is when they land the final two is that we’ll certainly be competitive this coming season.

We must of course be realistic, and we must be within budget and that budget is not only with an eye on this season but with an eye on next and future years. Martin sounds confident that we can do that and still be competitive. I for one believe him and then some.

He also has some great ideas for other things both behind the scenes and upfront. He wants to continue the fantastic historical legacy that Newcastle has in Speedway as well as giving supporters a night out that they will enjoy whatever the weather and whatever the action on track.

He certainly has some novel, interesting and exciting ideas and once again if they can all be pulled off will only add to the Diamonds Race Night Experience and make a night out at Brough Park as enjoyable as it’s ever been.

All of this, of course, takes planning and support and as such one message that I feel I’m getting from him is that there’s always an eye and ear for anyone to come forward with ideas and support that he’s willing to listen too.

He clearly wants the fans on side, engaged, motivated and committed to The Newcastle BTS Diamonds cause. After speaking to him tonight he’s certainly revved my engine up for what’s to come.

I hope you feel the enthusiasm and pull to get behind him, all the cogs behind the scenes and the team we track this season too.
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