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Lets Stick Together
Sunday 1st April 2018
No, not another reference to those 80's/90s songs Ranting is so partial too. Just my thoughts as we head in to Speedway season 2018.
So, I’m sitting here contemplating life and watching the Aussies getting battered by the South Africans and I’m thinking how sorry I feel for George, Martin, Steve and all the Diamonds management not to mention the riders as well.

It can’t be easy working so hard to first of all save then establish a platform for Speedway to be raced at Brough in 2018 and I’m sure as much as the fans were looking forward to watching the racing and the riders keen to race, the Promotion would have been relieved as well as happy to be underway.

But, as we all know, the British weather and the curse of the Bank Holiday has its way of so often intervening and so we have to make different plans and work out where else we can be after all planning to be at Brough this evening.

Such a shame particularly as everyone, was so revved up to be getting underway. It means of course it will now be the middle of April before we get the chance to see this seasons’ magnificent seven on track at home.

It also means that we must go to Sheffield, a notorious hard venue for the Diamonds in the past, on Thursday as our first effort as a team in 2018. Not an ideal situation BUT with this seven we have experienced racers who have been through this before and I know will be ready.

Which brings me back to our seven and what those that know and face the camera think about it as opposed to those that don’t and hide behind their keyboards. Yes, we know we don’t have an out and out #1, is there anyone of those “warriors” that haven’t mentioned it.

But, in the last two seasons we have had possibly two #1’s and whilst I for one thoroughly enjoyed watching Stevie and Robert who were fantastic for The Club, it hardly meant we sparkled with contention let alone silverware.

This year the cloth has been cut differently and as well as anyone in this team could end up at #1 equally all could even find themselves at sixes or sevens! That’s our strength this season. All experienced and all racers. I think we’re in for a lot of fun and excitement this season.

Yes, we can repeatedly say we’re lucky to even be on track this season and we have to accept what we have and what we could get but again, why should we? What we should be doing is concentrating solely on what we can do this season and get behind the guys from the off.

It’s been said by many and the many are those, in my humble opinion, that know that these riders are committed to the Diamonds and all want to be here. The very least we can do is appreciate that, show the we understand that and make sure we back them as they have backed themselves.

The feeling I get from those that matter is that this will be a team and that they will all be pulling and working together for each other and that not one single race will be over until that chequered flag is waved. Surely, we can support that and ask for no more.

I’m lucky, I do get to know things before others and I’m aware of what goes on behind the scenes. Not always I hasten to add but a lot more than those “warriors” do and therefore as I’ve said in the past, I deal with facts and nor rumours, speculation and conjecture.

So, consider this. Our Promotion and Management have worked their insert your own swear word here socks on and off to get a team and Club together for 2018 and whatever you think, they’ve done a MAGNIFICENT job in doing and getting what they’ve got, and we should rise to them.

Whenever and wherever we get 2018 off to a start it’s going to be memorable and it’s going to be exciting and enjoyable and we should all be grateful for that.

We know the Promotion and Management have given and will continue to give 100% for Newcastle Speedway. We know the riders 100% want to be here and will give 100% to the cause of Newcastle Speedway.

Is it too much to ask that you, our loyal fans, don’t give the same 100% effort and commitment and make your statements and intentions 100% positive and supportive. You’ve done that in the past and I’m sure you can do it this season and hopefully for many years to come.
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