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Goodness What A Start Its Been
Thursday 10th May 2018
Well, well, well, look who’s back! In all honesty though, I’m not yet and I apologise to all for that.
Having said that you’ve probably never missed me at all! Anyway, enough wittering and anyway it’s not about me!

Various circumstances and other commitments means I’m starting my season way, way, way after all of you have started yours and in fact, I’m still to start mine. It does seem tantamount to my luck that just when I’m available again we don’t have a meeting this Sunday. C’est La Vie!

Mind you I have been able to keep up with what’s going on and I feel proud to say what I’ve seen has made me proud. We all thought this was going to be an exciting team to watch this season full of whole-hearted battlers and so it’s proving, and we’ve had little luck as well so far.

Lewis’s temporary and let’s hope it’s temporary retirement/chill oot/self-imposed exile was a shock when it was announced but I gather not so much of a shock to those who needed to know behind the scenes.

It just didn’t happen for him from the start and then a couple more bangs and clearly, he needs to have a think about things and refresh and re-charge so that hopefully he can come back better and sharper than ever. As I say, that’s what we all hope and we all wish him all the best.

He’s been a brilliant Diamond and I think and hope that I speak for all of us when I say he’ll be welcomed back if he decides that’s what he wants to do and if he doesn’t then we can merely send our best wishes and thanks for all he’s done for The Diamonds.

Robbo, gosh what a cruel break. Great to read Lawrence’s story on him and how he remains positive and upbeat despite a really bad injury. We know Robbo’s a pure racer who loves his speedway and is at home at Brough. He’s desperate to get back and we all know that as soon as he feels able to be back he will be. Such is the character of the man.

Ludde, what a performance on Sunday and what character. A man with more blown engines than points if the keyboard warriors are to be believed came back with a reminder of just how good he can be when the stars align, or should that be when the diamonds sparkle?

All I can say is that he’s proved many wrong in the past and I dare say will again in the future. Anybody that questions his commitment to the sport and The BTS Diamonds should go and have a chat with him and you’ll realise how wrong you are. He’s a Diamond and a warrior and let’s hope the gremlins are behind him.

Now, with a huge nod to Tero, Carl and Matty for their efforts and dedication to the cause I come to 24-year-old, yes, despite seeming to be around for years, he’s still only 24, Ashley Morris.

What a sensational start to the season this young man has had. Has he broken through and is finally converting that potential in to points? It certainly looks so and we all hope so.

So, the doom mongers have been quietened. Not silenced or shut down but definitely quietened and who knows, if we did go to Scunny tomorrow and drop them, they might even have to give us grudging respect. Now that would be something.

Speaking of Scunny and boy there’s a double clash of seismic proportions about to go down tomorrow. The Scorpions v The Diamonds is one thing, but Worrall v Clarke is quite another. We all know Ranting’s a big Stevie fan and I think you’d even get Stevie to admit it’s vice versa.

It’ll be almost as interesting as the action on the track to see these two good friends go at it off it, if you know what I mean?!?!

Massive good luck to Ranting and his charges tomorroz neet. It won’t be easy, but we have ex-Scunny boys in the ranks and they’re all looking very much forward to it and seem to have a point or two or three to prove. Should make for a tasty encounter.

Speaking of Roy, is there no end to this man’s talents? He certainly is one of the busiest boys in British Speedway as well as one of the most colourful. Team Manager, Centre Green Announcer x 3, Programme Ranter and now Speedway Portal Superstar.

He’s a phenomenon and one that shows how much Speedway can mean to someone. If we could all channel his enthusiasm for the sport and push it out to the uneducated then we might just solve some of the attendance issues. The man is a speedwayholic and the sport is all the better for having him.

Which brings me on to the Speedway Portal and what a fabulous addition to our media output this is. A great way for those that can’t for whatever reason attend to keep up with what’s going on and a superb way of promoting the sport. A massive shout out to all that have produced this great medium.

It definitely is something that has enhanced Diamond Life and surely must increase our image and promotion of this wonderful sport of ours and I say ours ‘cos I believe it is ours to support, enjoy and promote to get more interested in this superb product of ours.

So, to my final shout-out. I’ve been MIA or perhaps MInotA! I sincerely apologise for that and hope that I will be back amongst you very soon with this being my first shot from the bows. I’ve missed you BUT thanks to Lawrence, Barry, Eric, Steve and Roy in particular you haven’t missed me!

Plus, our 21st century boy, Daniel who helps keep the auld fogies up to date in this digital world of social media. Another cracking part of the team that is growing with each passing day! He’s definitely our one for the future and even present.

As I say I may well be back very shortly but just wanted to say how proud I have been of all at The Newcastle BTS Diamonds Speedway family so far this season and hopefully that I look forward to being back amongst you all soon. I just hope I don’t jinx the good work or upset the apple cart by returning.
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