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Reasons To Be Proud
Friday 8th June 2018
My goodness is he still around? Well, yes and no but, well please read on!
First of all, thanks to George, Martin and Steve in particular for giving me this little corner of our network to vent forth my feelings, opinions and thoughts and whilst they are published on The Club website I hasten to add they are very much my own words and not influenced by anyone else.

In truth I wanted to rant/write this last night but a little birdy told me we might have some good news for tonight at Scunthorpe and I think we have. Seven riders and everyone a Diamond! Now, I do have to make an apology, so will.

I do, despite not having seen a single wheel turned or clutch dropped in anger live this season remain, I sincerely hope, part of the team. There are many and varied reasons for me not having been through the pits gate this season, but they are personal and private. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up though!

So, what of it? Well, I for one cannot believe the amount of stick and negativity coming from the “keyboard warriors” that purport to be Diamonds fans. Look, I get it, you pay your money and therefore you’re entitled to your thoughts in this free speech democracy of ours.

However, I seriously have to question some people’s motives and reasoning at times and what they think they’re doing by saying the things the do. It is not helpful, and it is not even nice at times. I was brought up in an era where I was told if I can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.

I am not a Management puppet and I like to think I’m a realist too, but I simply can’t understand or even accept at times the criticism levelled at The Diamonds Management and to be honest George in particular. Yes, he’s a friend of mine and yes, he gives me free passage, but does he deserve the vitriol thrown his way?

George is pragmatic and is cautious. Martin is learning alongside him and let’s be honest, the Diamonds whilst not racing away to success are very much competitive and making a few people think twice about them this season.

Could anyone have predicted Robbo’s injury or Lewis’s sabbatical? I think not. Just as Redcar didn’t envisage having to release riders including our very own Matej Kus. BTW welcome home Matej, I for one am glad to see you back amongst us where you belong.

Remember this is a rider that had such a good season in 2016 that his average was too high to get him in last season. Memories are also short, but I can remember an awful lot of you last year being convinced he should have been in our team last year. How short those memories can be.

Remember too he had a full year out of British speedway last year and spent much of it recovering from a bad injury. Yes, he’s not a 10-pt man but he is our man and I for one have little doubt that he’ll be glad to be back and itching to prove those doubters wrong. So welcome back Magic Man!

Then there’s the subject of a 10-pt rider. Where do you get one from? How much would they want in wages? Would they ride in the “frozen north” on a track not all can master? Indeed, is there such a thing as a 10-pt man?

Remember Stevie and Robert were both fantastic riders for The Club over the last two seasons and both were over 9, I believe, but not up at 10 and we still didn’t win anything with them in the team either. Not that I’m blaming them, just trying to say that having two superstars in the line-up doesn’t always guarantee you success. Just ask the Cleveland Cavaliers!

So, what am I saying? Well to my semi-experienced and knowledgeable eyes, Ludde, Ash, Robbo, Matej and Tero are, as a combination, not the worst top five around by far and then when you add in Carl and Matty at reserve are we really as bad as the KW’s would have you/us believe? I think not.

The paramount priority and #1 objective is to get this Old Lady of ours, The Diamonds, through another season as cost-effectively and as economically soundly as we can and then re-group and plan for future seasons.

Make no mistake about it nor have any doubts, without the extremely efficient and sensible way The Diamonds promotion are approaching this season then we wouldn’t have a.) even had a season or b.) couldn’t be looking to the future.

I understand that at times fans get frustrated when news comes out slowly. Hey, as a “press man” so do I but I’m also learning that at times there’s nothing can be done.

Speculation, conjecture, whispers and rumours can abound all the want and do but it’s the facts that confirm things, nothing else.

Those facts sometimes take longer to get over the line before they can be announced and often when they are they merely confirm rumours and so many then wonder why they had to wait so long. The fact is until the ink is committed to paper and the t’s crossed and i’s dotted that’s the way it will always be.

I have seen one argument/disagreement/discussion that battles between two that think they know and may well do. One side is supporting the Management the other is denigrating it. Again, I bow to the power of public freedom and say both are entitled to those opinions.

But, that’s what they are, opinions and only when the facts come out do they/we know what side had the better argument. The crux of the position though is those that are in the know also know when and only when it can all be made public and therefore we must trust their judgement and reasoning.

I know both George and Martin will, when and IF they can, explain their reasoning and thought process and whilst not every decision they make will be popular or, dare I say it, be right there’s one undisputable fact. They do it for the good of Newcastle Speedway and what they think is right for The Club.

If you don’t believe them then ask them. Don’t pontificate through your fingers and the power of this cyber world use what God has given us since the birth of time, your eyes, ears and mouth. You’ll be amazed how much better it feels to have that conversation!

I’m going to end now and end on two huge positives knowing the first may well be all over before you read it. Tonight, at Scunthorpe, The Diamonds will track, all being well, seven riders that are their riders and that makes me very proud.

The other thing that makes me proud is without Newcastle Speedway there almost certainly would be no Josh Embleton and Archie Freeman and that is a proud thing to think about. Embo is after grafting hard now making headway in the National League holding his own and scoring points.

A great achievement from a local lad and one that Newcastle Speedway are nurturing and supporting as he progresses in the sport and then we come to the teenage tearaway known as Archie Freeman.

Racking up the max’s not just in The Northern Junior League but leading, yes read that again, leading the British Youth Championships at the 150cc level having not lost a race in two rounds. Whether he goes on to become British Champion is still to be decided but, at the moment he’s #1 in the country at his level.

Just take a moment to think about that and then think about how he’s got there. Natural talent? Absolutely. Helping hands? Of course, and many. But, would he have even started that journey if Newcastle Speedway hadn’t been around, I very much doubt it and that’s another reason to make me proud.

Newcastle Speedway have seen Mauger, Olsen, Michanek and Pedersen through their lines to rise and become the greatest in the world. Lambert is another one that has a chance and was a Diamond. What price Archie Freeman? A heckuva lot better price than if there was no Newcastle Speedway.
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