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A Rallying Call To You All
Saturday 18th August 2018
Your chance to make a difference and be heard! #TogetherWeGoForward
On a night that ended with huge sparkling Diamonds smiles no-one could forgive Martin Phillips if he had the biggest of them all. It’s been a tough baptism for the likeable Teessider who has turned Geordie, but Thursday night must have made it all seem so worthwhile.

Along with George and Andrew in particular the Diamonds promotion have almost taken the Phoenix and risen it from the ashes to a place where the future seems pretty secure at the moment.

There are others that have played a huge part in that too, not least of which are Steve Brock, Roy Clarke and all behind the scenes who put in so many tireless, unpaid and committed hours. They’ve done a magnificent job in keeping the Diamonds afloat and even prospering this season.

We’ve also seen as a result the likes of Josh Embleton and Archie Freeman flourishing and progressing thanks to having a senior team and Club to identify and tag themselves with, Last but not least, all seven riders currently gating and skidding across the shale in Newcastle colours.

After the blow of losing Lewis early doors we had the bonus of getting one of our own in Matej back and whilst the team are not necessarily going to win anything or set the world alight, they are Diamonds each and everyone of them and as committed a bunch as you’re ever likely to see.

I, myself, have not been nearly as omnipresent as I should have been or would like to have been but I have enjoyed it when I have and have looked on admiringly and proud as others continue to make speedway on Tyneside a tradition and worth supporting.

Which brings me to Monday night. Now, I know it’s short notice and people may have other things already planned BUT if you haven’t and you can get there I urge you to do so as for once we’re, or rather they, are not talking about how we can save Newcastle Speedway.

No, they aren’t! They’re talking about how we can all take and make a part of progressing this Club in to next season and beyond and don’t forget, next season is #90 in Diamonds history. A simply magnificent achievement.

Actually, when I think about it so many of you are used to celebrating Newcastle Speedway on a Monday night at 7:30pm so perhaps you haven’t got an excuse!!! The venue? South Gosforth Working Men’s Club and admission is free.

As Roy says, there’s a metro stop right outside and the beer’s cheap so the excuses get thinner by the second. However, in all honesty, it is a great opportunity to hear first-hand the plans, the ideas and the enthusiasm the powers-that-be have for driving the Club forward.

George may be candid, Andrew may be fulsome and Martin is almost certainly going to be too honest but goodness me how refreshing it is to see all of them are willing to put themselves forward to be shot at and give you the opportunity to answer the questions that may be inside your head.

What about you keyboard warriors too? Get out from behind those keys, show your face and be brave like the promoters and join in the fun. We’re all being encouraged and invited to do so, so why not answer the rallying call?

Yes, there may be things they can’t quite tell us and things they simply have to keep secret. That’s the nature of the beast but I suspect even if there are those things they’ll still explain why they can’t tell us.

The Club this season has had a “community” spirit about it. It has had a back-to-the walls attitude towards it and one that has shown we can spring forward from that wall and charge right back at them. “They don’t like it uppem” could be our new cry!!!

All of this is merely my assertion and feeling from what I’m seeing. Yes, on track and off track, there have been some bumps in the road. There was always going to be some, it’s inevitable and some at times may seem pretty big ones to get over.

But, by in large, I think the vast majority of those bumps, or should they indeed be called ruts, have been negotiated and we’ve come over them with our wheels in line ready to drive forward and rev on to the next bend on the horizon.

So, whilst it’s not quite up to you (and me!) how we take this all forward, it is a chance for you to stake your claim, stick your oar in, express your point of view, lend a hand or use whatever cliché you want to describe it and have a voice.

The Management, so to speak, are putting themselves out there. They want to celebrate what has ultimately been a survival and growth season to be proud of and they want to do it with you and involve you going forward.

Now surely that’s just too big an offer and opportunity to miss?!?!?! I hope so and I hope I see South Gosforth Social Club packed to the rafters and on a Monday night too.
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