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For many years, Newcastle Speedway Live has broadcast live updates from Diamonds meetings both at home and away, with automated updating systems, detailed results and a fully interactive live chat room. The service has always been provided free of charge to users, but takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work and preparation to operate for each and every meeting - a task which has been carried out by a team of 3-4 people on a voluntary basis.
Despite the 'smooth' viewing for those people tuning in and being provided with instant updates as they happen, it took an incredible amount of time and effort behind-the-scenes to bring it all together. It wasn't a case of just turn up, input a few numbers, press a few buttons and then go home, as it might have appeared. Each and every match covered required preparation time and pre-planning, as well as the time to sit through an entire meeting of 15 heats, which on occasions where a match dragged on could amount to 4-5 hours of time per fixture.
Last season proved to be very difficult to logistically cover each and every meeting, and it was extremely difficult to juggle the time demands that the live updates put not only on me, but everyone involved. Now, due to major changes in my main work commitments, it is unfortunate that I am simply unable to dedicate the time that is required to operate the service.
There are, of course, other online update sites which (although not officially endorsed by the club) do provide updates from speedway meetings around the world.
I would like to thank everyone who has used and supported the service over the years, those who have joined in the live chat sessions, and I would ask you to understand the reasons explained above.
I should also perhaps make it clear (because if I don't, someone will try to suggest otherwise!) that this is a decision taken entirely by me, based upon my work commitments and lack of availability. It is not a decision which has been forced upon anyone by the club. In fact, for the record, the club have fully supported us and everything that we have achieved with the service - a fact proven by the service being a part of the official site. #justtomakeitclear!
Graeme Paterson, Website Manager
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