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Diamonds Welcome New Team Sponsors Boiler Technical Services
Wednesday 7th February 2018, 23:30 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
A vital piece of the 2018 Newcastle Speedway jigsaw has fallen into place with signing up of brand new full team sponsors - Boiler Technical Services, a company who deal with the maintenance of all boiler plant and combustion equipment based at Unit 15C, Nelson Park Industrial Estate, Cramlington, Northumberland.
"Boiler Technical Services" have been involved with meeting sponsorship and match-magazine advertising over recent years, but as John Taylor of "Boiler Technical Services" revealed, he, and his family, have been supporting speedway for many, many years before this recent involvement.

"I first went to Newcastle Speedway with my parents when I was only three years old and have been following them ever since! We were heavily into the sport and took weekends away to follow the lads on tour at venues like Boston and Rye House, but after the last time the club closed up we got a little out of the scene."

When the club re-opened, it then embarked on it's current unbroken run which hits its 22nd years of operation this coming season - another vitally important reason the history of this fine club continues.

"After doing some contract work with my company," John continued: "I met George Stancl as a result and got back into the ways of speedway, sponsoring George's farewell meeting and soon after got to know Steve Brock who suggested Boiler Technical Services take on more sponsorship, which we were delighted to take on.

"The whole family are enthusiastic speedway fans and hate the closed season, so when Martin Phillips and Steve Brock put their ideas to me, to be honest it gave me the chance to tick a huge item off my bucket list - to have the company name on the race jackets as team sponsor, and I'm buzzing that we're in this position, it's hard to believe, and I'm absolutely thrilled.

"I would like to go on record to thanks Alan Hedley of Sapphire Engineering for all the excellent work and backing he has done for the Diamonds and helped keeping them on track as long or we wouldn't be here now, but the new era is here and Martin is also overflowing with enthusiasm and so with this opportunity coming along I had to get involved.

"I have pictures of me with Ivan Mauger, and back when Ron Henderson was riding he took me for a ride round Brough Park on the back of his bike for a birthday treat, so I have some great memories of this top club, and it really is a top club with a massive history going back 89 years.

"My mother has a scrapbook with cuttings from the Journal, Chronicle and Pink dating back years, and when you look back through the articles you can see what a fine pedigree this club has been built on, and again that makes our involvement all the more special.

"To the future, I think things a looking good, and looking at the five riders we have so far, even though there's not what you would call a big-hitter, no one can say we have not got lads who always give 110% effort on track. Robbo [Stuart Robson] is Newcastle speedway through and through, and Ludde [Ludvig Lindgren] always gives it his all as does Carl Wilkinson - the most exciting rider we have so far - all five are triers and never give up and that's what will take Newcastle forward.

"Comments on social media outlets are hard to bare at times as the club have survived, against all odds, we are running again and that is the most important thing - we have our speedway back and a club to support - the club with one of the biggest histories in the Country. We should be happy we're back on track and it will be a pleasure working alongside Martin Phillips and George English to secure a longer-term future.

"Our product on track is great too now Jonny Swales and his tireless band of track staff have got the track in the best condition its been in for years, and that has reflected in the standard of the racing. I remember back in the 70s with Joe and Tom Owen, Robbie Blackadder and co, that we were so strong we hammered sides 5-1, 5-1, after 5-1 by a mile, and that made for great results but generally poor racing. Thankfully that has changed and we have seen some excellent racing, which I'm sure will continue in 2018. The end of March cannot come around quickly enough!"

The Shakespeare Tavern in Guide Post, Choppington, Northumberland is also owned by John's family and will always show a warm welcome to Speedway fans from wherever they come from.
Last Updated: Thu 08 Feb 2018, 00:03 UK
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