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Frustration, frustration, frustration!
Monday 12th March 2018, 22:27 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
The above title may sound like a cheesy daytime TV show, but this one will never reach the screens although it is the theme of the day in the Boiler Technical Services Diamonds' offices at present.
Martin Phillips' is getting used to his new roll but admits this protracted team building procedure has been a baptism of fire, saying: "Frustration is the word of the moment in our office, and believe me when I say if the supporters are feeling frustration at not knowing the full line-up, then I can guarantee we are equally so.

"Every stone is being turned to get our finalised side sorted out with George English using all his experience and contacts to seal the deals to get our one-to-seven completed, although our phone bills may be astronomical after these last few months, but the effort is at maximum and will be until it's sorted.

"We know there's an ever-shrinking time situation on our plans, but we are moving Heaven and Hell to get sorted, and its both of our beliefs that in the next three - maybe four- days we should be able to release some good news and add to what is a solid-looking five already in place.

"Talking of three of the lads, Stuart, Ashley and Carl, I've spoken to each of them over the last couple of days and I can report back they are all desperately keen to get their Diamonds' racing back on track as soon as possible, and Carl in particular is super-keen - he really cannot wait.

"Ill be ringing Tero and Ludvig soon too to let them know all is well and I'm sure they too will be itching to get back to Brough Park and start scoring points for us, but in the meantime - I'd urge our fans to keep a keen eye on social media and the press as I'm sure that news will be coming out soon!"
Last Updated: Mon 12 Mar 2018, 22:57 UK
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