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Tero Aarnio has difficult preparation for Tuesday's Speedway of Nations at Belle Vue
Sunday 3rd June 2018, 23:14 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
Tuesday is one of Tero Aarnio's big dates of 2018 when he represents his country at the new Speedway of Nations second event at the National Speedway Stadium at Belle Vue, but as the picture above shows, this is not the best way to prepare!
After an annoying engine failure on the first bend of Heat Four against the Berwick Bandits, the "BTS" Diamonds number five battled hard in Heat seven, but ended up third behind David Howe, only for Heat 10 to end dramatically coming out of the second bend.

He reared horrifically coming off the second bend, crashing hard on to the track, and while not withdrawn from the meeting took time out and was replaced by Matty Wethers, but now is concentrating on getting fully fit for Tuesday's big night.

Newcastls's skipper had his fortunes turn 360 degrees around from a night to forget at Berwick with one point to a dominating 15+1 on Sunday, despite having to rebuild his blown engine which gave him superlative power.

Ashley Morris was also desperate to return to form, and did just that bouncing back from his one point last night to 8+1 on Sunday, although had a major hiccup in Heat One, falling on the third bend.

All in all both teams fought hard and the winners, apart from the Diamonds by four points were the assembled crowd who loved the cut and thrust of the see-saw meeting.
Last Updated: Mon 04 Jun 2018, 00:19 UK
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