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Bad luck sinks the BTS Diamonds against the Scorpions
Sunday 9th September 2018, 23:56 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
Luck does play a part in speedway, and any one who says otherwise ain't on the same planet, and Newcastle rode their socks off on Sunday against Scunthorpe, yet suffered a 42-46 point defeat despite three riders in double-figures.
The writing was on the wall as the last bars of "Diamonds" rang clear from the speakers on the dog track as number one Ludvig Lindgren had suffered the first of his chain breaks and had to come out on Stuart Robson's bike in the opening heat, taking a point.

Sitting in second place in Heat Six Ludde fell rapidly off bend four with his machine briefly revving hard indicating, yes, he'd snapped a second chain, ditching two points in the process, while again in Heat 10 he unbelievably broke a third chain, again on the fourth bend, but thankfully avoided another fall. His disastrous evening saw him withdraw from Heat 13 in a night to forget.

It was also a night to forget for Matej Kus who ended up in a manic game of dominoes on bend one and crashed down hard with team mate Tero Aarnio after the pair and Jason Garrity all wanted the same inch of track resulting in his exit from the match not completing one race with a very painful left knee battered with damaged ligaments.

Many had wondered about the using Injury Rider Replacement for the rest of the match, but as in IRR you cannot use the rider with an average one above the missing rider, as you can in regular rider replacement, so the only options would have been Matty and Carl, the two reserves anyway, so IRR for the fifth average rider is a pointless move.

Tero was excluded as the primary cause of the stoppage in Heat Nine when Stefan Nielsen fell, Carl Wilkinson had a couple of stumbles due to the determination he was riding with and couldn't be criticised for lack of effort while Matty also suffered a hard-looking fall off bend four in Heat Two.

As it was, with so many lost points, the final score was a 42-46 win for Scunthorpe, and it was very much a case of "Look at what you could've won!"
Last Updated: Mon 10 Sep 2018, 15:12 UK
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