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Danny's Back With A Point To Prove
Saturday 22nd December 2018, 14:24 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
As announced at tonight's Christmas Party and as widely tipped, Danny Phillips is back at Brough Park as a Diamond for 2019.
We caught up with Danny after the news was announced to get his thoughts at being a Diamond again.

How does it feel to be coming back to Brough Park?

It feels great to be back at Brough. Back at a track that I know well and I know I can ride it well. My points in the past years around there can prove that. I believe before my crash in 2017 I would have had nearly a 6 point home average so as long as I can match that or better I will be happy.

With your Dad being the promoter does that put you under extra pressure?

I’ve had this conversation with my dad on a number of occasions and we have both agreed that there will be no pressure to perform. We have agreed to do what we always have done and that is turn up focus on the meeting and race as best I can and score point. So, no there won’t be any added pressure

What do you think will be different for you this time around?

The difference this time around than from last year is that I have invested heavily in my equipment and that should help me progress. Plus the other difference is the support you get from the Newcastle fans. That is something different and you don’t get that level from anywhere else.

How do you think the team is shaping up?

The way the team is shaping up is very good indeed. We have all been talking for the past couple of weeks and we all seem to get on straight away which will help when it comes down to doing the business on the night. I also believe we have got a playoff fighting team on paper but that’s on paper and anything can happen during the season. But I think we will be shocking the league this year

What do you hope to bring to the team and what are your hopes for the season?

I hope to bring back how I was in 2017 with a home average of nearly 6 points which will help with my away average because it will give me confidence. As you all know now that I have signed for Belle Vue Colts in the national league as well that’s another track that I really enjoy riding. My goals for this year are to double my average home and away, fight for a place in the main body of the team and bring some silverware because the fans and the management deserve it.

A message for the fans?

Just that to say thank you to the fans for the support they have given me and the team in previous years and hope you can continue to do that this year and hopefully we can repay you back with some silverware or two.
Last Updated: Sun 23 Dec 2018, 07:25 UK
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