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Diamonds look like a real solid team unit defeating Edinburgh
Sunday 8th September 2019, 23:18 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
The BTS Diamonds welcomed the Edinburgh Monarchs to Brough Park last night as 10th played 9th, and both keen to get their last ditch push on track to climb to a more respectable position in the current table, but the Diamonds were without the injured Matthew Wethers and used rider replacement to cover his four programmed races, but rode solidly to take a fine 12-point victory.
Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 51
Edinburgh "Staggs Bar" Monarchs 39
SGB Championship

After four races, including three re-runs for rides jumping the tapes, Newcastle held a slender 13-11 lead, although for the Monarchs James Sarjeant was deemed to have moved at the Heat One start twice resulting in his exclusion and William Lawson coming in to cover his absence.

Worrall and Clegg made a magnificent pair of gates in Heat Six to storm ahead of Cameron Heeps and held the 5-1 to the flag, while in Heat Seven Thomas Jorgensen shot from the gate to lead well over Josh Pickering who tried his level best as usual to get back on level terms, but couldn't as Newcastle held the 3-3 taking the score up to 25-17.

Ostergaard came in as a reserve replacement for Phillips in Heat Eight and took a barnstorming win with Clegg taking second for a good home 5-1 over a hard riding Sarjeant to put 12 points between the sides leading to Richard Lawson coming in as a tactical substitute in the ninth and won well over Bjerre and Jorgensen to share race, before Heat 10 served up the best race of the night with Worrall defending a lead from the magnificent Pickering, who passed and repassed all race, the Monarch taking the win with a spectacular last bend sharing the race 3-3 moving the scores on to 36-24.

Sarjeant jumped the start yet again in Heat 11 resulting in a 15 metre handicap, but he retired on the second lap as Richard Lawson flew off to win in the shared 3-3, and come Heat 12, Bjerre forced his way round Pickering and William Lawson to take up the early lead and had o defend against Pickering all race but the Diamond too the three in a 3-3 to move the score on to 42-30.

Newcastle's win was sealed in Heat 13, despite it being won by Richard Lawson, but with Jorgensen and Worrall taking the other three points, the 3-3 took Newcastle beyond the reach of Edinburgh with two heats to run, as Bjerre continued one of his best nights in the black and white this year to take the 14th well in a share before Worrall took the almost unbeatable Richard Lawson in Heat 15, winning the Spencer Oliver Trophy in the process.

Team manager George English said: "Shame its so late in the season as we're really riding as a proper team unit now, and look capable of taking good wins anywhere at the moment, which is good timing for the Knockout Cup Final, in which we have been joined by Redcar, and what a North East battle that will be later in the season!"

Individual Riders Scores

Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 51

1 Steve Worrall (c) 2,3,2*,2,1*,3 = 13+2
2 Max Clegg 1*,3,2*,1*,0 = 7+3
3 Lasse Bjerre R,1,2,3,3 = 9
4 Matthew Wethers - Rider replacement
5 Thomas Jorgensen 2,3,1*,1*,2 = 9+2
6 Ulrich Ostergaard (r) 3,3,N,3,2,0 = 11
7 Danny Phillips (r) 1,1*,0,N,0 = 2+1

Edinburgh "Staggs Bar" Monarchs 39

1 Richard Lawson (guest) 3,2,3,3,3,2 = 16
2 James Sarjeant E,R,1,R = 1
3 Josh Pickering 2,2,3,2,1* = 10+1
4 Ricky Wells (c) 1*,1*,0,1* = 3+3
5 Cameron Heeps 3,1,0,0 = 4
6 William Lawson (r) 0,2,N,0,Ts,1*,2 = 5+1
7 Connor Coles (r) 0,0,0,N,N = 0
Last Updated: Sun 08 Sep 2019, 23:22 UK
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