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Rain stops play at Glasgow, but Newcastle's defeat stands
Tuesday 10th September 2019, 23:38 UK
Photo: Steve Brock
​Glasgow had moved the time of their visit from Newcastle's BTS Diamonds forward by 30 minutes in order to stand a chance to finish the SGB Championship match before the impending rain came down, and while the match only lasted 10 heats before the heavens opened, that extra half hour at least meant enough racing had taken place to call a result.
Glasgow "Allied Vehicles" Tigers 36
Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 24
SGB Championship
Rained off after 10 heats, Result Stands

With the home side leading 4-2 after Craig Cook's win over Steve Worrall, Ulrich Ostergaard excelled in Heat Two to win well over Kyle Bickley and Connor Bailey, the latter who passed Danny Phillips in a shared 3-3. Worrall had a superb battle with Claus Vissing, the Diamond taking the three points as Lasse Bjerre overhauled Sam Jensen on the last bends of the race, for a 2-4 that levelled the match 9-9.

Thomas Jorgensen passed whipped round Bickley in Heat Four and chased well behind the winner Rasmus Jensen as the Tigers took another two-point lead which extended to six points after a Heat Five home maximum which saw Sam Jensen take Worrall after two laps of hot pursuit with the score now 18-12.

Ostergaard took his second victory in Heat Six, and to his credit over the powerful Cook and with Jorgensen taking third ahead of Mikkel B. Andersen to narrow the gap to four, but with Bailey taking a surprise win in Heat Seven from the gate, holding off Bjerre initially before his partner Rasmus Jensen overhauled Newcastle's Dane the home 5-1 moved Glasgow to a 25-17.

Two more 4-2s put 12 points between the sides as the rain began to fall ever heavier, while Cook, in a slow, slow time won the 10th ahead of Bjerre, Jorgensen and Andersen from the gate after which the referee called a halt to proceedings.

Individual riders' Scores

Glasgow "Allied Vehicles" Tigers 36

1 Craig Cook 3,2,3 = 8
2 Mikkel B. Andersen 1,0,3,0 = 4
3 Claus Vissing 2,3,1 = 6
4 Sam Jensen 0,2*,3 = 5+1
5 Rasmus Jensen 3,2* = 5+1
6 Connor Bailey 1*,3 = 4+1
7 Kyle Bickley 2,1,1 = 4

Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 24

1 Steve Worrall 2,3,1,2 = 8
2 Max Clegg 0,0,0, = 0
3 Lasse Bjerre 1,1,2 = 4
4 Matthew Wethers - Rider replacement
5 Thomas Jorgensen 2,1,0,1* = 4+1
6 Ulrich Ostergaard 3,3,0 = 6
7 Danny Phillips 0,0,2 = 2
Last Updated: Tue 10 Sep 2019, 23:42 UK
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