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Peterborough Panthers v Newcastle Diamonds
Saturday 13th May 2017, 22:37 UK
A glitening performance from the Sapphire Engineering Diamonds saw them take a four point victory at Peterborough on Saturday after some excellent racing

Peterborough Panthers 43

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 47

(SGB Championship)

The Newcastle Diamonds went in to catch-up mode last night at the Peterborough Panther only having ridden four league matches to date, and as a result were sitting second bottom, but got off to a fine start when Robert Lambert took Heat One after pressing his unrelated namesake, Simon Lambert whom the Newcastle man passed after a great race down the back straight of the last lap in a shared 3-3.

Panther's Ulrich Ostergaard, a powerhouse at his home track gated well in Heat Three, but seemed down on power as Lewis Rose soared past him for the win as Ludvig Lindgren and Paul Starke had a superb battle once they too were ahead of Ostergaard, with the former Diamond and current Peterborough man taking the second place in a Diamond's 2-4.

Steve Worrall was the third Diamond to win a Heat in the fourth, easily well ahead of Kenneth Hansen but Newcastle's guest reserve, in for the injured Danny Phillips, James Shanes took a fine pass of Tom Bacon to form a second Diamonds' 2-4 putting the Tyneside side into an 11-13 lead.

Lambert took the three points in a shared Heat Five While Worrall took the sixth having fought back after Simon Lambert took him on the first lap with Worrall just pipping the leading Jack Holder on the line to share that heat as well with the score now 17-19, before a solid Bradley Wilson-Dean and Hansen combination in Heat Seven took a well battled 5-1 over Rose and Lindgren to reverse the lead in favour of the Panthers, 22-20.

That was completely reversed in Heat Eight with a superb dual between Diamonds guest, Shanes, Ashley Morris, Simon Lambert and Wilson-Dean, with the Newcastle duo hitting the front together when it mattered in a solid 1-5 putting the Diamonds back in front by two points leading in to four shared races, evenly split between the sides moving the scores on to 35-37 with three heats remaining.

Robert Lambert roared away from the Heat 13 gate to take an easy win with Worrall trailing Hansen and Holder, but the Diamonds second man took a massive dive up the inside of both Panthers on the third bend of the third lap to guarantee a Newcastle maximum, pushing their side into a 36-42 advantage, but a home 4-2 in the penultimate race, won by Wilson-Dean over Lindgen meant the match rested on the last heat.

Holder forced his way up inside Robert Lambert who had led for the first two laps but behind Worrall flew into the deep dirt and hit the gas nipping past Starke to take a 3-3 which was enough for the Diamonds to clinch a vitally important away win, 43-47 and take three Championship points in the process.

Team manager George English said: "We're showing our true potential now we have the chance to get some matches under our belt. It was a good show by the lads, and young James Shanes, as our guest, more than played his part as he proved he is a fine talent - and on to watch in the not too distant future. It's been a highly satisfying night all round."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Peterborough Panthers 43

1. Jack Holder 1*,2,3,0,3 = 9+1
2. Simon Lambert 2,1,1,0 = 4
3. Paul Starke 2,1*,2,3,0 = 8+1
4. Ulrich Ostergaard (c) 0,2,1*,1 = 4+1
5. Kenneth Hansen 2,2*,1*,1 = 6+2
6. Bradley Wilson-Dean (r) 1,3,0,2,3 = 9
7. Tom Bacon (r) 3,0,0,N = 3

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 47

1. Robert Lambert 3,3,3,3,2 = 14
2. Ashley Morris 0,0,2*,0 = 2+1
3. Lewis Rose 3,1,1*,1* = 6+2
4. Ludvig Lindgren (c) 1,0,2,2 = 5
5. Steve Worrall 3,3,3,2*,1* = 12+2
6. Connor Coles (r)  0,0,0,N = 0
7. James Shanes (guest) (r) 2,1,3,2,0 = 8
Last Updated: Sat 13 May 2017, 22:38 UK
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