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Newcastle Diamonds v Edinburgh Monarchs
Sunday 14th May 2017, 23:35 UK
Truly buoyed by a cracking away win at Peterborough the night before the Newcastle Diamonds returned to Brough Park last night ready to face the Championship league 2nd placed side, the Edinburgh Monarchs who again are enjoying a fine speedway campaign.

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 45
Edinburgh "Parsons Peebles Monarchs" 45
(SGB Championship)

It was the in-form Diamonds who hit the front first with Ashley Morris riding the fastest win of his career at Newcastle backed up perfectly by Robert Lambert for the 5-1 score, while skipper Ludvig Lindgren took an amazing inside dash under Mark Riss and Erik Riss off the second bend mounted on his new Gerhard engine to blast away for a solid win as Lewis Rose eased past Mark Riss too in a good 4-2 moving the score on to 12-6.

Sam Masters took the fourth well chased by Steve Worrall who recovered well from a poor gate, but with Mitchell Davey taking third the 2-4 narrowed the gap to four points.

Two more Diamonds' 4-2s followed won equally well by Rose and Lambert respectively putting Newcastle into a 22-14 lead, before Worrall soared round Erik Riss in Heat Seven to lead and win well in a 3-3 that took the score to 25-17 as Newcastle made the task look easier than expected, and with the leading Josh Pickering falling on the last lap gifting an awarded share of the points to the score line, which was now 28-20.

Clegg and Masters were on for a Monarchs' maximum in Heat Nine, but a fantastic chase from Lindgren, coupled with an error from Masters on the fourth bend, the Newcastle skipper took second to turn the 1-5 into a 2-4, while a shock 1-5 from Mark and Erik Riss over Morris and Lambert with the Diamonds' lead slashed to 31-29.

Worrall took Heat 11 over the unbeaten Clegg after a lightning start for three points in a shared result, but after Connor Coles was passed by Clegg who held third to the end as Erik Riss took the won over Rose in a 2-4 that levelled the meeting 36-36 with three heats remaining but with Worrall chasing Wells and Masters he fell into the third bend fence stopping the race with the referee deciding to award the heat a 1-5 to the Monarchs taking the score to 37-41.

Heat 14 saw Hopwood take a sensational early lead but with Lindgren chasing Clegg hard behind, the Monarchs' man hit the gas down the back straight of the last lap and flew round to the front and take a shared 3-3 in a superb heat of action, but with one to go the Diamonds now needed a maximum 5-1 to draw the match.

In the critical Heat 15, Lambert and Worrall made the gates of the match to shoot away from the gate and left Erik Riss and Masters in their wake as the Newcastle duo hit a brilliant 5-1 to draw the match 45-45 which placed the Monarchs back on top of the SGB Championship table.

Team manager George English said: "We got off to a good enough start, probably better than we had hoped for but the track wasn't right tonight as we had problems and it was way too dry, and when the track isn't it's usual self it's always the home riders who suffer more, which we did mid-match and we ended up only two up which was way too uncomfortable, and when they levelled it and went ahead it looked like we were in major trouble, but Robert and Steve made such a brilliant gate and took a deserved draw."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 45

1. Robert Lambert 2*,3,0,1,3 = 9+1
2. Ashley Morris 3,1,2,1 = 7
3. Lewis Rose 1,3,0,2 = 6
4. Ludvig Lindgren (c) 3,1,2,2 = 8
5. Steve Worrall 2,3,3,Fx,2* = 10+1
6. Ben Hopwood (r) 2,0,0,1* = 3+1
7. Connor Coles (r) 1*,0,1*,0 = 2+2

Edinburgh "Parsons Peebles Monarchs" 45

1. Ricky Wells 1,2,2,2* = 7+1
2. Josh Pickering 0,0,Fx,N = 0
3. Erik Riss 2,2,3,3,0 = 10
4. Mark Riss 0,1*,2*,0 = 3+2
5. Sam Masters (c) 3,2,1,3,1 = 10
6. Max Clegg (r) 3,N,3,3,1*,1,3 = 14+1
7. Mitchell Davey (r) 0,1,0,N,N = 1
Last Updated: Sun 14 May 2017, 23:36 UK
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Saturday 21st April 2018





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