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Sheffield Tigers v Newcastle Diamonds
Thursday 27th July 2017, 21:26 UK
Over the seasons, the Newcastle Diamonds have been through hell and high water in their matches at the Sheffield Tigers, but even with a top-notch top five the Tynesiders struggled to make an impact early on in last night SGB Championship meeting for league points in a season where away performances have been less than impressive.
Sheffield "Window Centre Tigers" 60
Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 33
SGB Championship

Robert Lambert was stuck in third in Heat One trying every move possible to pass Todd Kurtz who blocked his every attempt with Josh Grajczonek out in front for a home 5-1 before Ben Hopwood defended well a second place behind Jan Graversen ahead of a battling Georgie Wood in the second, taking the score to 9-3.

However things got no better in the third as Lasse Bjerre and Josh Bates took advantage of an uneven starting gate to take another 5-1 over Newcastle skipper Ludvig Lindgren and returnee Stuart Robson as the Tigers went to a very early 10-point lead with Wood again impressing in the fourth having bounced off the air fence, whipped past Bowtell behind Steve Worrall in a Sheffield 4-2.

Lambert was put on a tactical ride for double point in Heat Five and made a terrific gate from the start, battling well to keep Bjerre at bay for six much needed points, but with Morris remaining rooted at the back they could only manager a 3-6 advantage, narrowing the gap to 21-12.

Grajczonek took the sixth ahead of Worrall and Kurtz who were banging chunks out of each other, the Diamond taking two well-earned points in a 4-2 while Worrall became Newcastle's second heat winner in the ninth race after some serious defending of the excellent effort from Bjerre behind in a shared 3-3, but Newcastle were still trailing 36-21.

Lindgren took full advantage of a Grajczonek engine failure when the Tiger was leading to nab another Diamonds' first, and with Robson taking third the Diamonds took a 2-4 an hauled two points back, although were 13 points adrift with five races to go.

Lambert then locked horns with Kyle Howarth in a superb dual in Heat 11, the pair passing and re-passing throughout the four laps in a top class demonstration of speedway as part of a shared 3-3, but after another excellent heat of exciting jousting as Grajczonek flew from last to first in Heat 13's first and second bends, Howarth and Lambert again battled for three laps, but the home 5-1 ended Newcastle's challenge with the score at 50-31 with two to go.

Diamonds' team manager, George English said: "The racing may well have had moments of brilliance tonight, but it was far from our proudest moment at Sheffield who were, in the main, racing in a higher gear which left us desperately looking for points and unable to get them which was extremely disappointing for all concerned."

Individual Riders' Score Chart

Sheffield "Window Centre Tigers" 60

Josh Grajczonek 3,3,R,3,3 = 12
Todd Kurtz 2*,1,2*,2 = 7+2
Lasse Bjerre 3,2,2,3,2* = 12+1
Josh Bates 2*,1*,1*,3 = 7+3
Kyle Howarth 3,3,2,2* = 10+1
Jan Graversen (r) 3,0,3,1*,2* = 9+2
Georgie Wood (r) 1,1,N,1 = 3

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 33

Robert Lambert 1,6^,3,1,1 = 12
Ashley Morris 0,0,1,0 = 1
Stuart Robson 0,1*,1,2 = 4+1
Ludvig Lindgren (c) 1,2,3,1 = 7
Steve Worrall 2,2,3,0,0 = 7
Ben Hopwood (r) 2,0,0,0 = 2
Alfie Bowtell (r) 0,0,0,0 = 0
Last Updated: Thu 27 Jul 2017, 21:27 UK
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Sunday 8th July 2018





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