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Newcastle Diamonds v Glasgow Tigers
Monday 9th October 2017, 23:25 UK
It was a brilliant Cup tie that went to the wire, but with Glasgow taking the aggregate win 88-92 it was more frustration for the Sapphire Engineering Diamonds as Glasgow go on to meet Peterborough in the semi finals.
Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 44
Glasgow "Allied Vehicles Tigers" 46
SGB Championship Knockout Cup 1/4 Final, 2nd leg)

Glasgow win on aggregate 92-88 and meet Peterborough in the semi finals

The Newcastle Sapphire Engineering Diamonds went into last night's crucial second leg of the Knockout Cup Quarter Final with the Glasgow Tigers two points in arrears on aggregate but against a team that races Brough Park almost as well as their own home circuit, nothing was guaranteed.

Heat One started with a super-fast gate from Richard Lawson saw him take a huge lead early on but Newcastle guest for the injured Robert Lambert, Ricky Wells was right up with the Tiger on bend three, but the 3-3 share remained to the flag, while James Sarjeant made a similarly good gate in Heat Two to lead well as the two Diamond reserves, Alfie Bowtell and Ben Hopwood took the minor placings after a solid challenge on the last lap from Jack Smith as Glasgow remained two-up on aggregate.

Stuart Robson's high-powered run round the outside of bend two to sling-shot himself round Dan Bewley to the front while Ludvig Lindgren pressed Bewley too with Richie Worrall battling well at the back in a superb heat that gave Newcastle a 4-2 to level the overall scores to 54-54.

Lawson, the unstoppable speedway machine roared away again to take a huge win in Heat Five, but again with Lindgren and Robson tucking in behind the aggregate scores remained tied at 60-apiece before Wells came out for his second ride in the sixth, but it was Summers who made the gate and took control from the off to seal another three points for Glasgow as Morris plugged away behind Sarjeant to no advantage with the Tigers' 2-4 putting the visitors back into a two-point lead again.

A fine race from Morris in Heat Eight over an active Bewley coupled with a good third from Bowtell over Sarjeant in an unexpected home 4-2 which again levelled the aggregate 69-69, while a brilliant start and second bend from Glasgow's Summers in Heat Nine set up another shared 3-3 leaving Newcastle leading on the night 28-26, but still tied overall.

Glasgow were not lying down as Richie Worrall got his act together well in the 10th to hit the front early as Morris fell at the back in another away 2-4 that once again tied the on-the-night score, but took a two-point lead again over the Diamonds, but again in Heat 11 Steve Worrall shone to inflict the first defeat of the night on Lawson, and with Hopwood taking third the 4-2 again tied the match on aggregate, 78-78, however a poor gate from Robson and Bowtell didn't help in Heat 12 but after a mammoth battle between Sarjeant and Robson saw the Diamond sneak into second, the 2-4 to the Tigers again put the guests up by two points.

Steve Worrall made no error of the gate in Heat 13 to lead from the gate as Wells landed in third, but a fine pass from Wells round Summers took the first 5-1 of he night and put Newcastle into an aggregate lead for the first time on the night, 85-83 with two races and after a stunning race between Lindgen, who chased hard all the way and Sarjeant, the Tiger's pulled back another 2-4 that - with one heat left of the tie, the aggregate score was 87-87.

Heat 15 pitted the two Worralls up against each other with Wells and Summers taking the other two positions, but it was the Glasgow duo who shot to a good lead and despite some spirited laps by Steve Worrall, the Glasgow 1-5 gave them victory on the night 44-46 and overall on aggregate 88-92, ending the match in disappointment for the home team.

Team manager George English said: "This was always going to go down to the wire, and we did so well to hold it level on aggregate till the last heat, but they were dominant in Heat 15 and we wish Glasgow well in the semi final with Peterborough and hope they now go all the way for the trophy.

"For us, we fought well but just ran short of fire power when it was crucial with another chapter of disappointment to go into our record books."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Newcastle "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" 44 (88)

Ricky Wells (guest) 2,2,2,2*,0 = 8+1
Ashley Morris 1*,0,3,0 = 4+1
Stuart Robson 3,1*,1*,2 = 7+2
Ludvig Lindgren (c) 1,2,2,2 = 7
Steve Worrall 2,3,3,3,1 = 12
Ben Hopwood (r) 2,0,1,N = 3
Alfie Bowtell (r) 1*,1*,1,0,0 = 3+2

Glasgow "Allied Vehicles Tigers" 46 (92)

Richard Lawson 3,3,2,0 = 8
Nike Lunna - Rider replacement
Richie Worrall 0,1*,3,3,3 = 10+1
Dan Bewley 2,2,2,1,1 = 8
Aaron Summers (c) 3,3,3,1,2* = 12+1
James Sarjeant (guest) (r) 0,3,R,1,0,N,1,3 = 8
Jack Smith (r) 0,F,N,N2,N = 0
Last Updated: Mon 09 Oct 2017, 23:27 UK
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