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Newcastle Diamonds v Ipswich Witches
Sunday 6th May 2018, 23:24 UK
The Newcastle "BTS" Diamonds had another big score to settle last night with the visit of the Ipswich Witches who had taken the Geordie Seven apart in the reverse SGB Championship league match at Foxhall when they scored 60 to Newcastle's 29, but since then both teams have had to use guests for absent riders.
Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 45
Ipswich "Tru Plant" Witches 45
SGB Championship

The Witches have drafted in Redcar's Ben Barker for Danny King and Edinburgh's Josh Pickering for Michael Haertel while Newcastle had booked Berwick's skipper Kevin Doolan and rider replacement to cover Lewis Rose's and Stuart Robson's outings respectively.

With Lindgren on new machinery out in front of Heat One, Tero Aarnio found himself blocked on bend one, but forced his way round Conor Mountain for a good third placed point in the 4-2, the same score as the awarded Heat Two which was stopped when Mountain fell on the fourth bend, getting caught under the air fence with his exclusion with the scores 8-4.

Heat Three saw a Newcastle 4-2 turned into a Witches' 1-5 after some brilliant passing and repassing from Doolan and Cameron Heeps as well as a superb run from Pickering who started at the back, but forced his way round Wethers, then Doolan by the end of the third lap to tie the match 9-apiece.

Aarnio went into the first bend fence at the start of Heat Four after a rider-domino took out the outside rider with an all-four-back call from the referee, in which Aarnio made a brilliant start but was passed by Rory Schlein off bend two as Morris fought hard at the back, passing Danyon Hume off bend two of the last heat for a 3-3 share of the spoils.

Barker took Heat five well over the chasing Doolan in a Witches' 2-4 to put them in front by two points, but despite a great blast from Aarnio up the inside of Schlein, the Witch hit the gas and powered away in the shared 3-3. but Heeps and Pickering took another 1-5 over Doolan and Wethers pushing the away lead to 18-24.

Lindgren was brought in as a tactical substitute for Wethers in Heat Nine, but it was Schlein, like a rocket from the gate who led well as Mountain overhauled Doolan at the back on the opening lap, but Doolan pulled back admirably sneaking a great pass back to get third behind Lindgren in a shared 3-3.

Heeps fell on the first bend of Heat 10, but in the referee's view was deemed to have committed a"professional foul" and as a result the remaining Witch, Pickering had to go off a 15 metre handicap which caused a degree of confusion and annoyed Pickering who failed to get passed a superb ride from Aarnio, who blocked his every move in a Diamonds' 5-1, narrowing the home deficit to two points.

Lindgren took the 11th after a hard battling gate with Barker who was initially passed bt Wilkinson as well before the Witches' guest blasted back to second in a 4-2 that again levelled the match 33-33, but the Witches led again by two after Heeps took Heat 12 with ease.

Lindgren made the best start of his season to leap from the Heat 13 gate and win well over Barker and Schlein as Wethers went from second to last on the second bend maintaining the gap, however with Morris and Wilkinson on a 5-1, Hume lifted wildly on the first bend and slammed into the fence causing a re-run without the reserve Witch which ended a 4-2 after a super-human effort from Morris to hold out a wildly chasing Pickering with the match still tied 42-42 with one race to go.

Schlein made a rapid gate to take the early control of that final heat as Aarnio set off on a passionate chase, as did Lindgren as Newcastle's passionate efforts went on to the end, but with Heeps at the back the 3-3 set the fiercely fought draw in stone on a cracking night of speedway action.

Team manager George English said: "What a match! Brilliant speedway as well going right down to that last heat with our skipper on a new engine absolutely superb with some excellent racing for his paid 18 points which were very well deserved. The fairest result emerged at the end because with that effort both sides put in no one deserved to lose. Speedway certainly won out and I hope the fans went home happy."

Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 45

Ludvig Lindgren (c) 3,2,2,3,3,3,1* = 17+1
Tero Aarnio 1,2,1*,1*,2*,2 = 9+3
Kevin Doolan (guest) 1,2,1,1*,2 = 7+1
Matthew Wethers 0.0.Ts,0,N = 0
Stuart Robson - Rider replacement
Carl Wilkinson (r) 3,0,1,1 = 5
Ashley Morris (r) 1,1*,2,0,3 = 7+1

Ipswich "Tru Plant" Witches 45

Ben Barker (guest) 2,3,2,1* = 8+1
Nico Covatti - Rider replacement
Cameron Heeps 3,2*,3,Fx,3,0 = 11+1
Josh Pickering (guest) 2*,1,3,1,2 = 9+1
Rory Schlein 3,3,3,2,3 = 14
Connor Mountain (r) 0,Fx,0,0,1 = 1
Danyon Hume (r) 2,0,0,0,Fx = 2
Last Updated: Sun 06 May 2018, 23:26 UK
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Sun 31 March 2019,  @ 6:30pm UK

Sunday 16th September 2018





SGB Championship

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