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Glasgow Tigers v Newcastle Diamonds
Friday 31st August 2018, 21:49 UK
The Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds found the Glasgow Tigers a tough prospect in a disappointing defeat at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium on Friday night going down by 26 points
Glasgow "Allied Vehicles" Tigers 58
Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 32
SGB Championship

The previous 24 hours for the Newcastle Diamonds had been a rollercoaster, leading well at Redcar, losing Tero Aarnio in a controversial crash, losing badly at Redcar, then finding out Aarnio's arm was not broken at all and he'll be back next week, leaving the Byker side with high hopes for their visit to Glasgow last night, with rider replacement covering Aarnio's races.

However Craig Cook and James Sarjeant made a pair of rocket-powered gates in Heat One to leave Stuart Robson chasing from the off as Ashley Morris retired on lap three on the home 5-1, and Heat Two wasn't much better as youngster Jack Thomas jetted away to win backed by Sarjeant again over Matthew Wethers and Carl Wilkinson, doubling the home lead to 10-2.

Matej Kus broke the pattern in Heat Three as Claus Vissing roared off to win, as he battled hard with Paul Starke all race, the Diamond just nipping through on the line to grab second by the width of a tyre-tread in the 4-2 that put Newcastle 10-down, while Wethers took a second in the fourth ahead of Sarjeant but behind the dominant Chris Harris extending the home lead to 18-6.

Heat Five ended up shared, 3-3, won by Vissing, and initially followed for a 5-1 by Starke, but the Tiger suffered a puncture allowing both Robson and Wilkinson (who also remounted from a fall) through for the three points as the Diamonds remained 12 points drift, which stayed the same in a Heat Six, won by Cook who passed Lindgren off bend two, taking the score to 24-12.

Wethers became the first Newcastle rider to win a race in Heat Eight, and initially was joined up front by Kus until Sarjeant, then Starke overhauled the Czech off bend two of the second lap to nullify any Diamond advantage in a 3-3 leaving the visitors still lagging by 16 points.

Unfortunately for the Diamonds Heat Nine saw Starke and Vissing overpower Wilkinson and Lindgren, the former chasing hard behind Vissing throughout before Cook soared way ahead of Wethers, but with Kus at the rear, that 4-2 took the score to 41-19 with only five heats to go, the match was already in Glasgow's claws with no chance of a Diamond recovery.

Robson took Heat 11 over Harris with Wethers in third for a Newcastle 2-4, while Robson took another win in the re-run of Heat 12 over Sarjeant who held Kus in third with Vissing already excluded for a fall, it was a second Diamonds' 2-4, but it was definitely a case of took little, too late as the score moved on to 45-27.

Team manager George English said: "We arrived to tackle a Glasgow side filled with that determination to get in the top four and stay there for a stab at the title and is showed as they overpowered us in all departments, although Matty Wethers certainly made their job that bit tougher with some well ridden laps, but we were certainly beaten by the better team tonight, no arguments."

Individual Riders' Score Chart

Glasgow "Allied Vehicles" Tigers 58

Craig Cook 3,3,3,3,3 = 15
Nathan Greaves - Rider replacement
Claus Vissing 3,3,2*,Fx = 8+1
Paul Starke 1,R,1*,3,1* = 6+2
Chris Harris (c) 3,3,2,2*,2* = 12+2
Jack Thomas (r) 3,0,2*,0,2 = 7+1
James Sarjeant (r) 2*,2*,1,2,1,2 = 10+2
Ryan MacDonald - Did not ride

Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 32

Stuart Robson (c) 1,2,3,3,1 = 10
Tero Aarnio - Rider replacement
Matej Kus 2,1,0,0,1 = 4
Ashley Morris R,0,0,3,0 = 3
Ludvig Lindgren 0,2,0 0 = 2
Carl Wilkinson (r) 0,1*,1,Fx = 2+1
Matthew Wethers (r) 1,2,1*,3,2,1,1 = 11+1
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Sunday 16th September 2018





SGB Championship

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