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Workington Comets v Newcastle Diamonds
Saturday 8th September 2018, 20:26 UK
The Newcastle "BTS" Diamonds arrived at the Workington Comets last night with hope in their hearts of getting a decent result to keep their fading chance of a play-off place alive, but 17-7 down after Heat Four, it became painfully obvious it was going to be a tough night, and ending 36 points down, it was far from good.
Workington Comets: 63
Newcastle Diamonds: 27
SGB Championship

Tero Aarnio was in excellent form, and the top Diamonds by far, being the only Newcastle man to win a race, which came in the last heat of the night.

Using rider-replacement to cover the injured Ashley Morris, Tero Aarnio came in to Heat Five and led from the gate before Rene Bach cut back under the Diamond to lead and win in the home 4-2 before Nikolaj Klindt flew from the Heat Six tapes to lead ahead of both Stuart Robson and Carl Wilkinson, but at the back Rasmus Jensen took an early handful of gas and blasted round both Diamonds, taking up the lead on the first lap for a home 5-1 as Newcastle slipped to a 26-10 deficit.

Aarnio took another second in Heat Seven behind Workington's guest Aaron Summers in a Comets' 4-2 while Jensen made another last to second blast in the opening lap of Heat Eight round Aarnio and Matthew Wethers to join his leading partner Mason Campton in another home 5-1 to hammer their advantage up to a staggering 22 points.

Robson briefly led Heat Nine before Summers then Bach whipped past before bend four of the opening lap for yet another home 5-1 followed up with a Workington 4-2 in the 10th, easy from the gate for Klindt over Newcastle's top man on the night, Aarnio, who took the two points from third placed Jensen as Matej Kus took a third last place motoring the overall totals to 44-16 with five heats to go, and devastatingly the match was already decided - a solid win for Workington.

Last night's Individual Riders' Score Chart:

Workington: Klindt 13+4, Jensen 14+1, Summers (guest) 11+2, Bach 14+1, Proctor - Rider replacement, Bickley 2, Campton 9

Newcastle: Lindgren 4, Morris - Rider replacement, Kus 0, Aarnio 13, Robson 3+1, Wilkinson 3, Wethers 5+2
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Sunday 16th September 2018





SGB Championship

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