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Newcastle Diamonds v Workington Comets
Sunday 16th September 2018, 23:38 UK
As the Newcastle "BTS" Diamonds ended the 2018 Home campaign in style rising to eighth in the table, young star Archie Freeman was sensationally crowned the 2018 British Youth 150cc Champion with a perfect five-ride maximum!
Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds 49
Workington "Thomas Armstrong" Comets 41
SGB Championship

The Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds welcomed the Workington Comets in the last scheduled home match at Brough Park of a season which produced final result proving the Diamonds were a far better prospect than the critics would have you believe pre-season, and with a last blast attempted to achieve eighth place in the final table, which they did admirably, leapfrogging over Scunthorpe to end a season of consolidation to be really proud of.

Bolstered by Berwick's guest riders Kevin Doolan and Aaron Summers, the Comets' pairing in Heat One, as they lined up against Carl Wilkinson as the rider replacement for Matej Kus, and Ludvig Lindgren and it was Summers who shot from the gate to lead well ahead of Lindgren and Doolan in a 2-4 result, flagging up the Berwick Aussie's intentions for the night.

Heat Two needed re-running with Kyle Bickley going off the 15 metre handicap after touching the tapes at the first asking, but with Mason Campton spinning a full 360 degrees on bend four (a "Strictly 10" if ever there was one) Wilkinson, already leading and Matthew Wethers took the 5-1 to push Newcastle two ahead, however a gate of "suspiciously" good proportions from Rene Bach in the third race shot him to the front like a bullet from a gun for an easy win over Tero Aarnio in a shared 3-3 taking the scores to 10-8.

Summers flew round Aarnio off bend two in Heat Five to take up a solid win in a shared 3-3 before Wethers and Lindgren made the best of Heat six's gates to lead and take another home maximum from Rasmus Jensen who pushed them hard on the last lap to extend the lead to 22-14, but that was narrowed again by four, 23-19 after Summers as a tactical substitute and Bach took the five over Wilkinson and Robson, mounted on sick machinery.

Still four ahead going in to Heat Nine, Summers was sent out again against Morris and Aarnio who for a couple of laps until Summers powered up and shot past Morris who briefly regained second only to end up third again after a fine few bends of action in a 4-2 moving the scores on to 30-24.

With three heats to go the Diamonds were 10-points ahead, and on the verge of victory, and despite Summers winning Heat 13 in style again over Robson and Lindgren, the 3-3 was enough to take the Diamonds into the winners' circle to elevate themselves above Scunthorpe (one of the pre-season favourites for the title itself!) in the league table.

Team manager George English said: "Good all-round performance tonight to end of what wasn't a bad season which we set out to consolidate our business position, and achieved way more success than many of our most vocal critics gave us, so we're happy to close our year with this result tonight, a one to be proud of without doubt.

"Of course if we go to Workington in the Cup and win by 11 or more, then we might have to re-open our season to go forth into battle in that competition against Edinburgh!"

News came out after the match that the match at Workington will be Newcastle stalwart Stuart Robson's last ever meeting as he hangs up his kevlars and takes on the world of retirement - a full and detailed story with "Robbo" - a real Newcastle legend in the truest definition of the word, will be released over the next few days.

Individual Riders' Score Chart

Newcastle "Boiler Technical Service" Diamonds 49

Ludvig Lindgren 2,2*,3,1*,2 = 10+2
Matej Kus - Rider replacement
Ashley Morris 1*,1*,2,1,2* = 7+3
Tero Aarnio 2,2,3,3,F = 10
Stuart Robson (c) 1,0,3,2 = 6
Carl Wilkinson (r) 0,3,1,F,0 = 4
Matthew Wethers (r) 2*,3,3,1*,0,3 = 12+1

Workington "Thomas Armstrong" Comets 41

Aaron Summers (guest) 3,3,2*,2,2,3,3 = 18+1
Kevin Doolan (guest) 1,0,0,0,1* = 2+1
Rasmus Jensen R,1,Ts,2,R = 3
Rene Bach 3,3,1*,2,1 = 10+1
Ty Proctor - Rider replacement
Kyle Bickley (r) 1,0,0,N,0 = 1
Mason Campton (r) R,2,3,1,1* = 7+1

​Archie Freeman Roars to British Youth (150cc) Championship Glory!!

Final Result: 1st Archie Freeman 2nd Sonny Springer 3rd Gregor Millar 4th Archie Wareham

Newcastle "Teen Print" Gem Archie Freeman - aged only 13 and a local hero if ever there was one - began his championship campaign by blowing Heats one and two away, although had to battle past Sonny Springer on bend one of the second race to take the early lead in the qualification heats on six points, and looking dominant with William Cairns and Springer taking the early second places.

Gregor Millar took a massive lead in Heat Three to take the three points over Archie Wareham before Freeman was out again in Heat Four and Springer again made the gate only for Freeman to cut back hard under Springer to come out in front off bend two and lead to the flag to take his total to nine points but Springer went wide and hit the fence on lap three causing the race to be stopped with the result awarded with Springer's disqualification.

Springer thankfully did get to his feet unhurt and walked back to the pits ready to race again before Heat Five came to the tapes with Millar, Cairns Newcastle Gems' second youngster in the event, Danny Smith and Aston Vale, and it was Cairns who took up the early running, but Millar was hot on his tale, passing him on the first bend of lap three to secure three points for himself and put himself in a good potential Final position.

Freeman made a solid gate in Heat Six to lead by at least 100 metres off the third bend to seal his maximum 12 points from the qualification races while Millar again made the best of gates in Heat Seven, although was chased hard all race and passed by Springer off the second bend of lap two in a sensational move to nick the three points.

Springer sprung from the Heat Eight gate to lead and win well as Wareham fell on bend three, but cleared the track just in time so as not to stop the race, and with all eight heats complete, the Final line up comprised of Freeman, Millar, Springer and Wareham.

Freeman made no errors from the gate and led handsomely off the first bend as Springer whipped up into second and Millar in third challenged well by Wareham all the way, but it was Freeman who took the flag and became the gold medal winner and became the British Youth 150cc Champion for 2018!

Qualification score chart (programme order)

23. Archie Freeman 3,3,3,3 = 12
7. Gregor Millar 1,3,3,2 = 9
26. Archie Wareham 2,2,2,F = 6
145. William Cairns 2,1,2,1 = 6
45. Danny Smith 0,1,1,1 = 3
67. Taya Thirtle 0,0,0,0 = 0
86. Sonny Springer 2,Fx,3,3 = 8
152. Aston Vale 1,1,0,2 = 4
Last Updated: Sun 16 Sep 2018, 23:41 UK
Newcastle Diamonds v
Somerset Rebels
Sun 4 August 2019,  @ 6:30pm UK
SGB Championship

Sunday 16th September 2018





SGB Championship

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