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Somerset Rebels v Newcastle Diamonds
Wednesday 7th August 2019, 21:59 UK
The Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds took the long trip to Somerset last night looking to address their own home defeat at Bough Park on Sunday to the Rebels, and against all odds gave the home side a serious run for their money.
Somerset Rebels: 49
Newcastle Diamonds: 41
SGB Championship

Ulrich Ostergaard got the Diamonds account well and truly in the black winning heat one over Anders Rowe ahead of Steve Worrall as Nick Morris quit the scene at the back in a Newcastle 2-4, while Max Clegg took the second race well over Nathan Stoneman and Danny Phillips in third for a second 2-4 doubling the Diamonds' lead to four points.

Three shared 3-3s followed before Newcastle extended their lead by a further two points in Heat Six with another 2-4, won by Thomas Jorgensen from the gate and initially Clegg in second until Rowe overhauled him on the second lap as Morris again retired with engine issues taking the score to 15-21.

Lasse Bjerre made the Heat Seven gate but took the bend too wide allowing both Rebels, Rory Schlein and Chris Harris through for a home maximum reducing the Diamond lead to two points which, after another 3-3 won by Ostergaard in the eighth, was all square 27-27 following a Heat Nine 4-2 won by Schlein as Jorgensen and Nico Covatti battled hard for second, the Newcastle man just stealing the two points on the last lap.

Bjerre and Matthew Wethers gated again in Heat 10 but Bjerre again lost things on the first bend as Rowe roared on to pass Wethers for the lead on the second lap as Morris passed both Diamonds over the latter half of the race to put his Rebels' side into the front for the first time by 32-28.

Worrall took Chris Harris for three in the 11th as Ostergaard held Luke Harris at the back to a 2-4 to narrow the gap to just two points again however a Covatti win in Heat 14 over Wethers and Stoneman keeping Clegg at the back taking the score to 44-40, and Newcastle had to hammer home a maximum 1-5 in the final heat to force a draw.

However Schlein and Morris made easy work of clearing off away from Jorgensen and Worrall to take a 5-1 of their own ending the night at 49-41.

Somerset: Morris 6+2, Rowe 9, Schlein 15, Covatti 7, C. Harris 7+2, L. Harris 0, Stoneman 5+1
Newcastle: Worrall 10, Ostergaard 8+1, Bjerre 5, Wethers 4+1, Jorgensen 8, Clegg 4, Phillips 2+1
Last Updated: Wed 07 Aug 2019, 22:00 UK
Newcastle Diamonds v
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Sunday 16th September 2018





SGB Championship

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